Friday, March 13, 2009

Stewart 99, Cramer 0

I didn't know how else to score it. When full-time television financial guru and professional moron Jim Cramer came on The Daily Show last night to "set the record straight", Jon Stewart owned him.

Check out the full video over at The Daily Show and then ask yourself this simple question: Why does it take a comedy show host to be ask the kinds of questions that professional journalists used to ask, before they were completely co-opted by their slavemasters in the CPM*?

* * * * * *
[* CPM = Capitalist Pig Media]


Anonymous said...

Sorry you feel that way. I quit watching television or reading newspapers in the late 1970s.

Nothing that I personally knew about was not skewed according to the owners' goals.

"News" papers are a waste of good trees.

Television is a waste of good electricity.

You will never hear one tiny drop of truth from "owned" media.

I get much better results when I want to know something, by tapping the internet. The quality of factual based reporting is rising.
The money is not there. Most of my favorite bloggers are either disabled or laid off workers.

The nice thing is that the hard right is functionally disabled. They will cling to TV "news" long after everyone else has abandoned it.

Mr. Natural said...

Jon's a fucking genius and Cramer's a fucking weasel moron. I posted a story about the shithead cramer over at left edge north some time ago and had some troll from CUMBC leave a snarky anonymous post. I am vet same era as you.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, Mister Natural, and welcome to OPOV. You (your namesake, actually) have always been one of my favorite gurus:
Acolyte: "Mr. Natural, what's it all mean?"
Mr. Natural: "It don't mean shit."
From what I can tell from your blog profile over at Left Edge North, we are practically neighbors.
I'll shoot you an email off-blog.
--The F Man