Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Life Without Water

No, I don't have some big revelation or theory that we as a species can exist without water. I'm just whining that I have to exist pretty much without it for the next week.

We have a broken water line coming from the main into our house, and the plumber can't fix it without first getting the lay of the land, where the electrical, gas and cable are underground. We live in one of those tract-house neighborhoods where all those unsightly utilities are safely tucked away under the sod. Which means if one of them fucks up, you have to call the "experts" in from god-knows-where to plot out the location of each of them before you start digging.

That's a good thing, I guess, since I wouldn't want someone accidentally clipping my gas line -- or even worse, my television/internet cable...

And naturally it takes time to get the expert out here, and for some reason all of the plumbers in town are heavily busy.

So we go almost totally without water for a week. We can, however, take showers and flush the toilet once a day, if I go out and turn on the water at the meter, and then turn it off right away. Some water is still getting to the house through the broken line -- but who knows how long that will last?

You know that old saying, you don't miss the water till the well runs dry. So true.