Wednesday, January 10, 2007

War on Two Continents

Baby Doc has finally gotten parity with his Daddy's War -- the attacks in Somalia have managed to spread the War on TerraTM to another continent, and the little fucker seems hell bent on creating another World War for himself, the "War Prezdint".

And every attack this country makes creates another recruiting event for Al Qaeda. And not only Al Qaeda but any of dozens of other Anti-American "terrorist" organizations, groups, scout troops, or ad hoc committees.

So now that he's spread it to Africa, what's next? Somewhere in Europe? How about Germany -- they have a lot of Islamic immigrants. Naw, not Germany, been there, done that, and besides, it'd be too hard.

I know, how about France? They have all those North Africans rioting in those suburban rings around Paris, ought to be easy to take out with a few well-placed nukes. And we don't like the French anyway.


Unknown said...

I am so sick of him. Only 721 days left of the Bush regime. It won't go by quickly enough.

Anonymous said...

Well in the last Great War Hitler overruled his generals and decided to attack the USSR on his eastern front without first defeating England. England was saved by a miracle, Hitler's mystical vision of a 1000 year Reich. The current maniac's in power have a mystical vision that has no relation to reality.

Yes, Iran will be attacked by the current regime or it's proxy Israel, who by the way suffered a stunning defeat in their invasion of Lebanon.

As far a sending 20,0000 more troops into the meat grinder, this is crazy. Any combat vet knows that for every 'Grunt' on the ground there are many more that perform logistical support, in Vietnam it was a ten to one ratio. So at the most this means two more fighting brigades, or six thousand more targets. I can tell you city fighting is an absolute nightmare.

Well the joke is on us; 'Der Fuehrer' and company will be 'Rapturing out', and the rest of us
kaffir's attend the 'roast'. How ironic