Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I've worked in Unemployment Insurance for most of the last 30 years, so there isn't a whole lot that comes up that can amuse me or surprise me. But this one did.

A Des Moines woman, one Emmalee Bauer, a 25-year-old total slacker, had what appeared to be a pretty cushy job at the Sheraton Hotel. And during the time she was employed there she maintained what turned out to be a pretty hefty daily journal of her activities at work. Most of which consisted of descriptions of how she was slacking off and not working.

She started writing it out in longhand, but when her manager finally told her to stop keeping the journal on work time, she started keeping it on the computer instead. "That way, there isn't any way to tell for sure if I am working really hard or I am just goofing off," she wrote one day.

And when they finally discover her, they fire her. Yeah, big surprise there, all right.

So what does she do? Files for Unemployment Insurance! And during the course of the hearing over whether she should be allowed benefits, the journal, which ran to some 300 single-spaced pages when printed out, is entered into evidence.

Check out the Des Moines Register article on the case and read some of the entries introduced during the hearing.

The whole thing reminds me of that archetypal chutzpah story of the axe murderer who chopped up both of his parents and then pleaded with the judge for leniency because he was an orphan.

I kind of feel sorry for Little Emmalee, since with all this negative publicity it's going to be kind of hard for her to find another job. Especially one with all the perks of the one she lost.


C-dell said...

People are lazy. I will admit to being in that category. I don't like to do manual labor. Sad I know. Don't get me wrong I will do it. I've done my fair share over the years. I would just perfer not to. This lady is a different story though. She actually has a job and won't do it. Every job I have had I worked hard on and never slacked. People are paying you to work you are expected to do it. If you don't want to then quite simple as that. It is celebrites. they move about being paid ridiculous amountss of money for little if any work. Now everyone wants the same treatment. I was lazy about doing chores at home never about my job.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

it's going to be kind of hard for her to find another job.
Not Really. The Bush Library will be going up soon.....

Anonymous said...

She should run for Congress....LOL

Anonymous said...

No what will really happen is she will become a special advisor to the Unemployement department.