Friday, January 12, 2007

Crocodile Tears

I see by these news stories that Baby Doc is "shedding tears" for Corporal Jason Dunham, the Marine who was awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor. The coverage is complete with a photo of Der Monkey Fuehrer with something wet trickling down his cheek.

I can just imagine a hand, just out of frame, holding a bottle of Visine and dribbling out that oh-so-touching tear.

How convenient -- how fucking convenient --that we have this phony-baloney photo op to exploit the grief of the family of Corporal Dunham immediately after the announcement of a troop escalation cynical political ploy insane strategery military surge in Iraq.

Give me a fucking break, already.


billie said...

about as 'real' as his trip to fort benning.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Maybe if he went to just ONE of the over 3,000 funerals he's caused......

He wouldn't know what real tears were if a bottle of visine was jammed up his ass!!

The Lettershaper said...

I'm following links from deudderson...I love his blog and I'm glad I came here. Great a Nam vet, I especially enjoyed my stay.

Anonymous said...

As far as sending more troops (read ‘surge’) to secure Bagdad, bullshit. We are going to have to fight them street to street without creating any civilian casualties. This too is folly. The only way we are going to subdue a city of 7 million is to destroy it. I saw Cholon after the mini TET of 68 there was nothing left. As a few of my buddies will attest they took terrible casualties and the military commanders were forced to destroy a quarter of Saigon using rolling artillery strikes. Of course the civilians suffered the most. The people in the US and world are not going to stand for this.

Another point, why announce to the world what you are going to do eight months before your going to do it? Do you think Hitler would have told the world in Feb ‘44’ his Battle of the Bulge plans for ‘Dec of 44’? So the ‘bad guys’ are going to have an 8 month window to welcome the troop ‘surge’ with a hot reception.Makes me want to cry.
RVN 66-68