Monday, January 15, 2007

Timing is Everything

The fact that the Dems were hogging all the press with their 100 Hours must have really grated on Der Monkey Fuehrer's handlers. Their lapdog lackeys in the SCLM were giving the Dems way too much space, both in print and on television. Bringing too much attention to the fact that the Dems were going to get more done in 100 hours than the do-nothing Rethugs managed to in six years.

So what's the time-honored way of dealing with that situation? Wag the dog and go to war.

Except we're already in one, so the next best thing is to heat up the one we have. Send more troops. And sure enough, the ADD media's focus got dragged away from the Dems and back to the BFEE.

But maybe that's a good thing. While the media is waiting for its short attention span to wander somewhere else, the Dems can fly under the radar and get more things done in a shorter period of time.

Like issue subpoenas and start impeachment proceedings.

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Anonymous said...

The Democrats hailed the first 'one hundred hours' like the second coming of Christ; when in fact Pelosi and company were more worried smoking in the boys room.Well, she cleaned fucking house and sent those puffers packing....LOL. 'First Hundred Hours', 'The Surge',the same Orwellian New Speak. The fact is that the Democrats were spineless weasels when our Constitution and Bill of Rights were torched; see Hitler: fire, Reichstag, suspension of liberties. I have yet to hear a bleat about this from the Democratic sheep.
From the Animal Farm,