Monday, January 29, 2007

From Our WTF Department

Minneapolis cab drivers who are Muslim are refusing to pick up fares from the airport if the potential riders are carrying alocholic beverages or are accompanied by dogs.

The Muslim belief system is, of course, anti-alcohol but I did not know that dog saliva is considered "unclean".

Actually, this post should be really be titled "From Our Give Me a Fucking Break Department". As with the notorious Xian fundo pharmacists who refuse to fill valid prescriptions for the Morning After pill, these jokers have no goddam business imposing their belief system on their customers.

If you are engaged in a public service job -- cab driver, pharmacist, fireman, cop, what-the-fuck-ever -- then you do not get to impose your religious values on others. If you don't think you can do your job without imposing those values on others, then you need to get in another line of work.

If I'm standing at the Minneapolis airport in a twenty-below blizzard, toting two quarts of single-malt scotch under one arm and my cousin's ankle-snapping lapdog under the other, the last thing I'm gonna give a shit about is your religious proclivities. I want a cab and I want one now.

Do your fucking job or get a different one. It's that simple.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Three-quarters of the 900 cabbies licensed to operate at the airport are Muslim, most from Somalia. Wonder why that is...snicker!! Gosh, 3/4's of the twin cities isn't Muslim.

As one who was forced to drive a cab temporarily so I could buy twinkies, one dog shits or pisses in the back of your cab, and you're done for the day, or longer. Saliva, huh? I've heard countless stories from owners who's dogs WOULDN'T get in a "muslim" cab, because it stunk so bad - a result of the owner's lack of hygiene! Apparently Allah gets a hard on when he sees soap and water, too.

C-dell said...

You are very right. It is not acceptable for ANY religion or it's followers to impose it's ideals on people.

Anonymous said...

God Damn Fucking UnAmerican and they should go to Getmo with the rest of the terrorist.

(thefuture was yesterday) good point about the animals in a cab, but I doubt your statistics.