Monday, January 08, 2007

Olbermann Once Again Hits it Out of the Park

Here's a link to the latest Keith Olbermann diatribe against the Smirking Chimp -- watch it!

Olbermann always tells it like it is: "Mr President, you do not own this country. We have sacrificed 3000 persons for your lies; with your surge, we will now be sacrificing them for your ego."


jae said...

At the very end of this he was almost foaming at the mouth....just seething with anger. Every time I watch one of his 'special comments', I get chills - his courage and honesty are enthralling.

A Google search on 'pissed veteran' turned this up:

Ever read him?

Unknown said...

I love him He's hysterical

jae said...

elizabeth green said

"I love him He's hysterical"

is that compliment to OPOV or for johnmccarthy...?

Anonymous said...

At least we know where one of his 13 nightly viewers is in the world...Olbermann was much better on Sports Center.....His take on politics is as important to me as Jerry Springer's take on trailer trash is to the rest of the country.