Thursday, January 18, 2007

Flip Flop Flip Flop

Nothing like a little political reality to create a series of flip-flops. Or in this case, a lot of political reality.

The BFEE is running for cover and scrambling to make up for lost ground after Baby Doc's handlers finally had it sink in that they are in big trouble and "staying the course" isn't going to cut it on a whole plethora of issues.

Latest to hit the skids is the whole warrantless wiretap concept, wherein the stubborn W. has steadfastly maintained that he is the ultimate authority and final arbiter (aka "decider") as to the constitutionality of warrantless surveillance. Now they've agreed to allow FISA oversight of the wiretaps. Something they should have done all along.

But leave it to Der Monkey Feuhrer and his spokesboy Tony Snow to put a Rethug/Fascist spin on it: "it's an example of a case where we take hits for doing what's right rather than getting credit for what seems to be expedient."

Expedient? Trashing the constitution, abrogating the rights of US citizens, trampling roughshod over basic democratic rights, and all that crap is just "expedient" to these people.

BTW, Baby Doc has also backed down as well on most of the wingnut Atilla-the-Hun judicial appointments he's been flogging for over a year I guess he's finally seen the handwriting on the wall and someone has told him that if he does too much to piss off the 110th, impeachment might become more than an abstract concept.

Now these are exactly the kinds of things that Baby Doc and the Rethugs were talking about when they called Kerry a "flip-flopper". Jeez, nothing like a slap in the face from the cold hand of fact to change your outlook, is there?


Anonymous said...

Does this mean they will review past wiretaps or that they will look into the new slavery of citizen freedom?

I mean future wire taps?

Tap this!

The Truffle said...

I'm sure that some days Mr. Snow wishes he'd kept his Faux News job.