Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Twins in Uniform

Why aren’t Barbara and Jenna Bush in uniform? They have college degrees, and by all indications they would make fine officers.

After all, it would have an incredibly positive effect on the morale of the country, it would no doubt drive up enlistments in all branches of the service, enlistments which are now at a dangerously low level and dropping monthly, and it would shore up W’s rapidly slipping poll numbers.

And, as their father proved so many years ago, it’s not like they’d really have to DO anything. They really wouldn’t even have to show up for most of it.

But I guess they'd rather party down at those tony Georgetown nightspots instead of following the lead of presidential children of earlier generations.

Consider the four sons of Theodore Roosevelt: Quentin, the youngest, was a pilot who died in action in WWI. The remaining three sons, Ted Junior, Kermit and Archie, served with honor and distinction both in World War One AND in World War Two.

Ted Junior, a Medal of Honor winner, was the only general to come ashore at Normandy on D-Day. A week later he was dead at the age of 56, the victim of a heart attack.

Consider the four sons of Franklin Roosevelt. They, along with Robert Lincoln, and the husbands of the daughters of Lyndon Johnson, share the rare distinction of being the only presidential children to serve in a war fought while their father was president.

James, Elliott, Franklin Jr. and John Roosevelt all served with honor in World War II and they came home decorated heroes.

Both Charles Robb and Patrick Nugent, the Johnson sons-in-laws, served with honor and distinction in Vietnam.

But there it ends.

The husbands of Richard Nixon’s daughters did not serve in Vietnam.

None of the children of Ronald Reagan donned a uniform.

And the offspring of George Bush Senior? Well, we know about that already.

Now we are once again engaged in a war in which there are presidential children of military age.

But, unlike those earlier generations, the Bush twins apparently feel no need to serve in a war over which their father has command.

Unlike those presidential children of earlier generations, they apparently feel no need to show even symbolic support for their father’s war.

Come on, you two. Show your support for the troops and for your father's war. Do the right thing for yourselves and for your country. Enlist today.

Besides, there's something about twins in uniform...


Anonymous said...

Actually, they were in uniform. My dad and I saw them when we were in Hawaii last month. They were working at Hooters! I can't recall if they have tits though? All they are going to do is breed more right-winged scum! Bu$h is such a fucking coward. I can't wait until the puppet show tomorrow night. I'm sure he'll be oozing with lies and Rovisms.

Unknown said...

Yup, twins in uniform will happen the day hell freezes over, or at least, when the Digital Camera is on record and they are romping about the bedroom with some other wonderful neo-con studs.

Anonymous said...

Get real, war is about money and there is no need for the creators of this war to be involved in obtaining the objectives. We can leave that for the masses who watch the tube, dont vote, have no idea why we are at war, and go to Micky D's.

Anonymous said...


merlallen said...

They know how incompetent their father is. They are afraid to fight a war he is running.
It occurred to me that the only war Republicans have ever won was against Grenada. The Pubs lost a war against a third world country, Vietnam, and are losing against another one.

Anonymous said...

You go GUS!

I never thought about it, they are probably the subdued chicks type... that are too scared daddy shrub will give em the taste of the back of his hand to say what a screw up he is. NO WAY they want to help him out no matter how much they love him. Or maybe they are waiting for that porn queen to make a movie with them before they all three go? Seriously there could be a lot of good from porn stars joining the military. If they gonna pay $6000 to shrub buffet why not go ahead and enlist?

Anonymous said...

Sure, why not enlist like so many of the Kennedy's did. Oh, wait- my bad. All you left coast losers ever do is whine about everything. The rest of us can't wait until Commifornia (or North Mexico) falls off, and we're praying for the earthquake to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Do you really want them to be officers? Then again, what would happen if they are sent to Iraq and turn agaginst the war? And always remember OFFICERS ARE NO BETTER THAN ENLISTEDS. I think ol' Andy Stapp had it right--the armed forces should be unionized.

Anonymous said...

you didn't mention Amy Carter or Chelsea Clinton in your jabs at the GOP---let's be fair kids. And did any of the Kennedy's kids serve? Any of Gore's?
Be fair!

Farnsworth68 said...

For the answer to this stupid question, see Why Not Amy Carter of Chelsea Clinton posted this morning.
--The F Man