Monday, June 27, 2005

Flag Burning -- Again

I was reminded yesterday by a friend who was in Vietnam Veterans Against the War that the Nixon administration had infiltrated VVAW with an unknown number of spies, lurkers and agents provocateurs.

He can verify that at least three of the flag burnings of the anti-war demonstrations of the 1970s that he witnessed were actually carried out by these Repugnican undercover agents.

So, if what I predict comes to pass and there is a sudden spate of flag burning, take a close look at the assholes holding the match. Chances are they are paid minions of the RNC/Bush Oil Empire.

But you know, there's nothing like a burning flag to stir up the Moron-American voting bloc.


Anonymous said...

Picked up your url from Acid-man, with whom I rarely agree. This time he got it right, sounds like a generation ? identity. We're all baby boomers. We are also Americans who are getting hoodooed by large money in charge. You can only stretch the American "muddle class" so far before they comprehend, "don't bend over..."

Anonymous said...

Keep a close eye out for those dudes wearing Hush-Puppies and Duck-Heads/

Anonymous said...

You may burn every flag of the US and I will still be a proud citizen who wonders what has caused such distress you feel the need to burn our flag.

What else will be in the amendment? Surely they will have the ability to pre-empteve search for and detain potential flag burners...