Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Osama Bin Who?

Remember Osama Bin Laden? He's been out of the news so long that I really can't blame you if you're snapping your fingers and wondering Isn't that the new night man down at the Kwiki-Mart?

No, he was the guy who claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on the WTC on 9-11-2001.

Not Saddam Hussein. Not Al-Zero Nosewad Fuckaawi. Not whoever the fuck is in charge in Iran this week.

Osama Bin Laden.

It has been 1386 days since George W. Bush said that Osama Bin Laden could run but he couldn't hide, 1386 days since George W. Bush said that he would capture Osama Bin Laden, dead or alive, 1386 days since George W. Bush said he was going to "smoke out" Osama Bin Laden.

A little perspective here: It was only 1347 days between Pearl Harbor and the end of World War II.

So where is he? Where is Osama Bin Laden? I expect next week we'll being seeing his picture on a milk carton.

Unfortunately, it has also been 1175 days since George W. Bush said: "I just don't think about him much; I truly am not that concerned about him".

Osama Bin Laden. The man who freely admitted planning, engineering and executing the worst attack on American soil EVER, and our pResident says he doesn't think about him much? He's not concerned about him?

Jesus Christ, people, doesn't anybody think this is at all strange?

Well, I do. And I think enough is enough.

So do the Democrats: Point your browser to http://www.democrats.org/page/petition/osama/pvr and sign the petition to Tell President Bush: "Get Bin Laden Now -- change your priorities immediately and get him".


Third Base Line said...

A button found recently at our local progressive merch store ( www.northernsun.com -- I think you'll like their stuff, Farnsworth):

"Osama Bin Forgotten"


Fourth pew, center said...

I expect that little problem hit the dustbin when Shrub decided to declare "Mission Accomplished."

Anonymous said...

Think it is strange???

Let's see Daddy Bush trained Osama while he was in charge of the CIA. Bush and Bin Laden families have money ties. Osama blew up the buildings that allowed Bush baby to invade Iraq. Why would they want to find such a good asset? Bush has done more than any single person to further the cause of Osama’s network.

What does it take to see that by releasing “credible threats” (to stir the public into paranoid frenzies) does for the terrorist? It lets them know where our spies are in the terrorist network. Why did none of the credible threats become real? Because the terrorists were busy spreading lies so they could determine who had infiltrated them. A different lie to different people and you soon see who is making the front page in the US.

We probably do not even know what Bin looks like, we were probably given false photo’s just as we were given false evidence about WMD. Either way he is free and we have over 100,000 dead world wide because of Bush.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, since you are a veteran I assume you understand that in wars, strategies change. What was important yesterday, no longer is important today. And if the objective can be accomplished without killing American troops, that is the better way.

General MacArthur proved that in WWII when, after capturing New Guinea and preventing the Japanese from attacking Australia, he refused to work his way towards Japan island by island, but chose to bypass many islands, cutting them off and removing them from the picture without loss of American lives.

So your complaint seems a bit strange and somewhat misinformed. Perhaps a better question would be, what is the current worth of OBL and how much should we be willing to pay for his death or capture.

Anonymous said...

"He who runs w/piglets" has it pegged. I believe 9-11 was an inside job!