Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bloodshed in Iraq is Worth It, Bush Says

I will confess up front that I did not watch the lying hypocrite's speech. And here's why: When I was a kid growing up in rural Oklahoma, a guy who lived not far from us shot his television with a shotgun when Eisenhower came on. I have a new HDTV big-screen and I want it to stay in one piece.

But I got enough of the gist of it from the
Yahoo News AP wire to comment on it.

Bush says it is worth it. The bloodshed, the violence, the death, the open wounds, the missing limbs, the dead children, the weeping mothers, the starvation, the degradation, the desolation, the despair. All worth it.

Worth it: 1748 American lives and over 100,000 Iraqi lives snuffed out, familes torn asunder, our children, our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, coming home in those snappy flag-covered shipping caskets.

Worth it: Nearly 13,000 American wounded, many of them severely, profoundly disabled, coming home to a VA health care system that is itself on life-support.

Worth it: The sand of Iraq runs red with blood, American and Iraqi, the pools of oil are stealthily pumped out of the ground and into the coffers of Halliburton, the Carlyle Group, and the entire Bush Family Evil Empire, the Middle East has been forever changed for the worse by our gun-totin' chili-pissin' hard-workin' ass-hat dry-drunk Cowboy-in-Chief, and our country's reputation and image and stock with the rest of the world has dropped to somewhere near the murderous minions of Pol Pot and the swarming hordes of Attilla the Hun.

Worth it. Yeah, worth it to him, maybe, since he doesn't have any family members in harm's way. Nothing to risk for him, and all the while the BFEE is raking in the billions faster than the Starship Enterprise at Warp 8.

In the meantime, he says we'll "stay the course" and eventually turn the fighting over to the Iraqis...Wait a minute. Seems like I've heard this whole thing before. Oh, yeah. That happened in Vietnam, didn't it? We were gonna stay the course and "Vietnamize" the Vietnam War. Yeah, that worked out real well for us.

So now we're going to "Iraqi-ize" the Iraq War? Scummy Rummy says it is going to last 6-12 years, Vice President Dickless Bumticker says the resistance is in its death throes, and Little Georgie Bushit says "there's difficult and dangerous work ahead -- and did I mention that presidentin' is hard work?".

Weren't these the same fuckers that promised us that the Iraqis would welcome us with open arms and the only injuries would come from thrown rose petals sticking under a lieutenant's eyelid?

Jesus, they not only don't know what the fuck they are doing, they don't even know what the fuck each other is saying.

With all the billions of dollars being sucked out of our economy by the Bush Oil Empire (oil went over $60 a barrel yesterday in case you didn't get the news), you'd think the cheap bastards could afford to hire some smarter advisers.

Or maybe not, since all of the smart ones are part of the reality-based community and won't have anything to do with this braying pack of greedy jackals.


Fourth pew, center said...

All too, too true; and too, too depressing. I can't even watch That Man on TV anymore. It's the only time my permanently-perfect blood pressure goes up.

Anonymous said...

I am a Viet Nam era vet and a reserve retiree. The repulsives are a bunch pond scum that deserve to be tried as war crimminals. They lied about the reason for going to war, lied about the difficulty that would be encountered if we went to war, and now the draft doging bunch of rich weenies are lieing about the progress we are making.

Anonymous said...

The liberal news article you refer to: yahoo news AP wire states there are only 12,000 Iraqi civilian deaths, not the 100,000 plus that is a more accurate figure and we all know as true. I am guessing they meant to say Iraqi military and police. But here is what they said "war that has killed over 1,740 U.S. military personnel and 12,000 Iraqi civilians." Can someone show me where the liberal media is hiding? I have yet to see anyone stand up to the Chicken Hawks that puppet Bush around.
So what are we fighting for? Will the soldiers see huge rubber tree plantations? Is there something more to Iraq than its oil fields? WHAT IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR? We should know why we are there before we can determine if it is worth one life and not the 100,000 plus lives that have been lost to date.
I heard you the first time Bush, you lied, you paraded you token military expert around and sent him to the UN with doctored audio to prove Iraq still had WMD. I think for the most part we all believed you and that would have been a worthy reason to go to war. However your Christian lying ass never intended to find WMD because you knew then it was a big LIE. So pious of you to murder 100,000 people while lying about it. I am surprised the Catholics have not made you a saint! They voted for you twice!
After all those are heathens you are murdering along with our own children, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers, you send to rape pillage and murder the Muslims your religion hates so much. Why not you and your buddies are getting filthy rich! You called it a crusade and you now have your crusade. I wanna go puke!
Let’s fix this problem for future generations. We have special police for drugs, terrorist, tobacco, alcohol, firearms, and foreign threats. Let us form a special police in the United States. A police force that has but one task and answer only to the people via popular vote. Their budget can be fixed and associated to inflation so politicians can’t screw with them. The single task is to detect, prosecute, and convict illegal political activity in the US. All politicians everywhere will be subject to this police force. Out of all the police forces we have in the US our politicians are almost completely exempt from investigation by them.
We need Political Police that politicians have no control over!
You can’t tell me it is worth staying in Iraq for. A LIE is not worth one life, it is not worth one tortured person, and it is simply evil.

I declare President Bush a supporter of EVIL and EVIL rules his house.