Thursday, June 30, 2005

Rush Limbaugh, You're an Asshole

I don't listen to the Vulgar Pigboy (and I didn't listen to this -- I grabbed it off the Media Matters website here).

Palm Beach Fats claims that all us flaming librulz are anti-military. The hillbilly-heroin-addicted brain-addled ass clown says, among other things, that "liberals get excited when the military doesn't work because they have a general pacifist view of everything".

Okay, Rushie, why don't we meet somewhere appropriate, say Fremont Street in Tombstone AZ at high noon. You will be very quickly disabused of the notion that liberals are pacifists. You will be face to face with a Democrat-votin' meat-eatin' gun-ownin' beer-drinkin' Jeep-drivin' liberal Vietnam vet who will be more than happy to entertain the thought of kicking your fat lily-white ass.

About the only thing that would hold me back is the disgusting thought of sinking my Number Nine-and-a-Half Larry Mahan deep into that still-festering ass-boil between your hairy butt cheeks that kept you out of Vietnam. Too bad you weren't doctor-shopping back then. Even a stink-eyed half-blind veterinary-school-dropout gutter-drunk back-alley-abortionist quack could have lanced the fucker and you'd have been marched off to Fort Leonard Wood for basic training. And maybe now you'd have a different opinion about liberal war veterans like me.

But I am glad to think that you are doing your part to support our troops by visiting VA hospitals to cheer up those who will never walk again, who will never see again, who will never hold a child again, who will never be able to take a piss again, because assholes like you and your ditto-heads sent them off to fight an impossible war with inadequate equipment and unreasonable expectations.

Oh, never mind. You don't actually visit the wounded in VA hospitals, do you? My bad.

You might want to try that sometime. Especially the guys who are a long ways from home and don't get many visitors. They're glad to see anyone. Even you.

* * * * * * * *

BTW, for a funny song parody about the Pigboy, see Oxy From Miami, sung to the tune of "Okie From Muskogee".


Anonymous said...

How much jail time did this drug addict serve?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight brother!

I am also a vet, although I did not have to experience the horror of Vietnam, I did server during Desert Shield/Storm.

I'm sick and fucking tired of these lily-livered, never served their country hypocrites, yellow backed bitches decrying the pacifist liberals. I'd love nothing more than a good street fight with these fucks. I also am a gun owning (love S&W), Ford driving vet, blue as all get out ever need a buddy in New England to toss some beers and do a little red-neck, back road 4x4ing...give me a call!

Anonymous said...

Dennis - I love it.... can't wait to read more!

Julie T.