Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Midget Among Giants

Normally I don't pay much attention to "beauty contests", but when I saw the list of finalists for The Greatest American, I felt something had to be done. There is a midget amongst giants on the list.

The finalists are: Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and...(drumroll) ... RONALD REAGAN. The same Ronald Reagan who sent Donald Rumsfield to Iraq to sell Weapons of Mass Destruction to Saddam Hussein.

Please go to the Greatest American website at
and cast your vote for who YOU think ought to get this honor. You may vote three times (!) for your favorite, or you can spread your vote around. It's probably best, though, to concentrate on one person.

You probably figured that my favorite is NOT Ronald Reagan. Weapons to Saddam Hussein, Iran-Contra, burgeoning deficits, clueless leadership, more corruption than any other administration except the current one and possibly that of Ulysses S. Grant ... the list goes on and on.

I know and you know that the radical right wingnuts are going to try to stuff the ballot boxes for their hero. Let's counter that. Tell everyone you can to cast their vote and dilute the presence of the wingnuts.

Cast your vote for who you think is "The Greatest American" at -- time is short and the voting will end in just a few days.

Don't let them stuff the ballot boxes AGAIN!!!


Unknown said...

Spot on OPOV,

I suppose the same folks who are elevating Reagan to the same stature of the Country's greatest heroes are the same ones that bought the bone about WMD and the reasons for the Iraq mess.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyy Farnsworth, it is time for you to learn some manners.

Jack Dalton said...

You are definately correct about this--untill BushCo, the Grant administration was the most corrupt. In fact, John B. Davis, was #2 at the State Dept under Grant. It took a presidential pardon to keep Davis from prosecution and prison--he was bought and paid for by the railroad companies, one of which he was a former president of. Less than 20 years later, Davis was a Supreme Court Clerk. It was Davis that wrote the forward to a Court decision that led to the establisment of the "personhood of corporations" Something that BushCo has taken to all new levels. All the old Iran/Contras are back in government working for the biggest criminal of them all, Bush/Cheney. The "war" prez, sending everyone's kids to war but his own...but that's the same with the entirety of BushCo.

Anonymous said...

I think I like the term CHIMP better.

Did you know that since da Chimp has been dictator the US oil supply has droped? Yet the world supply had stayed several millions of barrels a day more than the demand. And the price has risen as if we had a short fall. Also, where the heck are the billions of barrels of oil they have been over producing for the past 5 years?

Da Chimp has caused the US to produce less oil and the world still has excess oil. I think we should skip over poor Ronnie and sign Bush up as the greates RIP OFF of all times.

I got my info here:

Farnsworth68 said...

Anonymous said...
Heyyyyy Farnsworth, it is time for you to learn some manners.

--Skip, is that you?

Anonymous said...

WTF revisionist history is written so fast these days. Reagan singlehandedly torn down the Wall of a imploding government. He defended the Western Hemisphere/Grenada (the nutmeg capital of the world) from communism. Trickle down economics never amounted to anything more than pissing in the wind.

Franklin gets my vote.

frightwig said...

Unfortunately, Reagan won the popularity contest.

Farnsworth68 said...

God damn it. Not that it fucking surprises me.
I guess it is true: Irony is Dead.
Thanks to all of you who are taking the time to post your comments on my blog. I appreciate all of them.
I had no idea blogging was this much fun -- now I wish I'd gotten into it much earlier.