Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sometimes You Have to Step Aside...

...and let someone else ring in.

This is the start of a letter to Bush from Debby Pattin, activist mother, HS teacher, Democratic PCO and wife of a Vietnam veteran, written after the now-infamous "it's all worth it" speech the other night.

Dear President Bush:

This war in Iraq is NOT worth the sacrifice. If you would take the time to attend the funerals of the fallen Americans killed in Iraq, you would soon learn this lesson first hand.

Ask the family of Regina Clark, the 42 yr. old female Navy reservist killed last week in Iraq. She was a single mom and leaves behind an orphaned son. Why don't you fly out here in Air Force One and attend her funeral this week in Centralia, WA?

I know that you have flown all over the USA on Air Force One promoting Social Security, and before that, flew all over campaigning for election. But you have not flown or driven to any funerals. Even if you only attended the local ones, there would be plenty of opportunity right there at Arlington...

You can see the rest of the letter here, on the Washington State Veterans and Military Families for Progress website.


HM2 Viking said...

Linked your site

Pete Westre

Anonymous said...

Powerful. Thanks for the reference to the letter.