Sunday, February 15, 2015

Time For a Third Party?

I've railed before about the fact that a Third Party movement in this country is historically the road to doomsville.

But if Hillary Clinton is, as the MSM/SCLM* in all their pontifical glory pontificates, the Democratic Party's "presumptive front runner" in an election that is still some 22 months away, then maybe it's time for some "agonizing reappraisal". As I've indicated before, I get kind of queasy when I even think about a Hillary Clinton presidency.

So maybe, in the face of all the history that indicates that it will not work, maybe it is finally time for a Progressive Party resurgence in this country. Even a reboot of  the 1912 Bull Moose Party of Teddy Roosevelt would be far preferable to what we will face if we have an election choice between Hillary Clinton and Little Jebbie Bush.

Our Progressive Party candidate? Come on, like you even have to ask: Elizabeth Warren. Even if we lose, which we are likely to do, it will send a message to the HMFICs (i.e., "Head MotherFuckers In Charge" -- it's a military term...) in both parties that we have fucking HAD IT!

In the eternal words of Howard Beale in Network, we are mad as hell and we are not gonna take it any more!!!!

* Main Stream Media/So-Called Liberal Media

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One Fly said...

Eventually there is going to be a showdown of some sort.