Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Must-See Cinema: Night of the Living Dead

Okay, while the original Night of the Living Dead should be at the top of everyone's "must-see cinema" list, I am sure that everyone has already seen it like a million times. It's the most influential made-on-a-shoestring movie ever made, and it is the stuff of cinematic legend.

If by some off chance you have not seen it check it out here on YouTube (in Hi-Def!).

But it's not that Night of the Living Dead that I'm talking about here. No, I am talking about the parody-spoof version done by an improvisational  comedy group called The LA Connection, who had a syndicated television show way back in 1985 called Mad Movies with the LA Connection.

This group would parody classic films by using the What's Up Tiger Lily? approach of making up a comic alternate dialog, overdubbed onto the screen images. In their short run on television, they did comic versions of some 24 movies, all of which are available for viewing on YouTube.

But my very favorite of all of these spoofs was their take on Night of the Living Dead:

Watch it. If you liked the original movie, you'll love this spoof! Hell, even if you didn't -- it's still fucking hilarious! Even with the poignant touch added by Lesley Gore's death a couple of days ago.

Watch it, you'll get it...


Katy Anders said...

I have never seen the original (I know, I know...) so I should probably watch that before I watch the spoof.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen the original either, Farnsworth. Anyway, "Night of the Living Dead" sounds like finals week at any college.

Farnsworth68 said...

Wow, two people who haven't seen it. I'm glad I put a link to the HD version on YouTube. I forced two of my granddaughters to watch a few years back, and when it started one of them started whining, "Ohhh, it's in black and white?!" I told her give it ten minutes and if she still didn't want to see it I'd turn it off.
When the ten minutes were up and I suggested popping it out of the DVD player, I got a chorus of "NOOO!"
This movie really started the Zombie trend, and is still one of the very best of the breed. Watch it -- you won't regret it!
--The F Man