Monday, February 09, 2015

Everything I Learned in Film School in Under Three Minutes

No, I didn't go to film school. However, I did take a number of classes in film back in the day and think that I know something about cinema, which is why you will see movies popping up pretty regularly in my posts.

Here's a movie I could have made, had I actually gone to film school... Instead real film school graduate Mikey Gleason made it for us:

By the way, in case you've never seen the film co-directed by Salvador Dali referenced in Gleason's Top Five, it's called Un Chien Andalou and, as you might expect for anything Dali had a finger in, it is fucking weird. That's a freeze-frame from the movie's most infamous scene that you see in the embed above.

You can watch it here on YouTube, since for some reason they won't allow it to be embedded.