Monday, February 16, 2015

How the GOP Invented Elizabeth Warren

Hey there, righties, don't like Elizabeth Warren? You shouldn't, because she's coming for YOU!!!

But your side helped her to become the darling of the left, just because you were a bunch of pricky assholes who were all no-no-no whine-whine-whine when she was nominated to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

"Nooooo!" you whined. "She's tooooo libberralllllll!!!"

Well eat some shit, righties. If your kind hadn't put up that roadblock, she never would have run for the Senate, and those of us over here in the "vast leftwing conspiracy" wouldn't be suggesting her -- "suggesting" in the sense of "begging her to run" -- as a potential Democratic candidate for president.

Sally Kohn over at The Daily Beast has the whole analysis of this story.

Oh, and you rightwingers: Fuck you. Your days are numbered. Get over it.