Thursday, February 05, 2015

Strange Anti-Vaccination Bedfellows

I'm not a scientist, but...

I find it interesting that there are two kinds of anti-vaccination people: Tea Baggers on the right and Marin County "limousine liberals" on the left. Marin County as in the attitude, not the actual county -- that's a handy kind of shorthand to use when you're talking about over-privileged leftwing snobs who hug trees, drive hybrids, shop at Whole Foods and look down their noses at the riffraff. "Liberal Marin County" -- like they officially changed their name to that?

The wingnutttery and their pals in the MSM/SCLM* lost no opportunity to point out, in every fucking news story, the fact that John Walker Lindh (aka "Johnny Taliban") was a product of Liberal Marin County. Every fucking one!. While in the meantime, Mary Kay Letourneau, a convicted child rapist was constantly in the news about the same time as Johnny Taliban, with almost no mention of the fact that she was a product of Conservative Orange County -- or the fact that she was the daughter of a John Birch Society mucky-muck and former rightwing presidential candidate John Schmitz.

Anyway, I find it interesting that these two seemingly opposing-view-point groups agree on, of all things, vaccination. To the point where they are willing to put the lives of their children at risk. The Washington Post blog has a pretty good story on this phenomenon.

I had measles when I was six years old, and it was, to say the least, not fun. I was kept in the dark and in bed and had no appetite at all. I lost several pounds -- I don't remember how many, but it was a substantial amount of weight for a six-year-old. I missed a month of school and spent the rest of the year catching up, and it's not something I'd wish even on a Teabagger's kid

So, IMHO, people who refuse to get their children vaccinated are just plain irresponsible assholes as parents, who have no business putting their "sincerely-held beliefs" (jerkoff arm motion) before the well-being of their children. As much distaste and disdain as I have for the entire Bush Royal Family, it's to Jebbie's credit that he agrees with that.

* Main Stream Media/So-Called Liberal Media