Thursday, February 07, 2013

Stiffing the Wait Staff -- for God?

I'm feeling much better now. Nothing like a couple of days in front of the boob tube with nothing on your mind and beer on your stomach...

Okay, that said, I had to pass this one on: Chelsea Welch, a wait staff person at an Applebee's in St. Louis, apparently stepped over that invisible line (you know, the one you don't know is there until you step over it) when she took a picture of the check that some asshole left for one of her coworkers.

"I give GOD 10% why do you get 18" [sic] was scrawled on the check, with the automatically-added 18% tip blacked out. That 18% BTW is standard policy for Applebee's and probably every other chain restaurant in the country when there are more than a certain number of people in your party.

So Chelsea was guilty of...well, actually, nothing, since there is no applicable rule or law that applies. The customer was "embarrassed" and demanded that Applebee's fire her, her coworker, the local manager, and pretty much everyone in sight. Chelsea was fired. No word on her unindicted co-conspirators.

Cut to the chase and my reaction to all this: Fuck you, Mister Christian. (I'm assuming that this dipshit is a male and a Christian--who else would act this way?) If you can't afford to tip the wait staff, then eat your fucking meal out of the dumpster. Wait staff LIVE on their tips. Eighteen percent is cheap. I always tip 20%, and more if I feel that they deserve it.



SuLee said...

Amen! I read an article since this story came out that said wait staff dread Sundays because the after church crowd is the cheapest and rudest of them all. I concur. "Back in the day" I worked as a waitress at a pancake house popular with this lot. They are truly miserable to have as customers. 3 or 4 pennies from a table of twelve was the norm.

Anonymous said...

not a male, but a minister nonetheless. here's the local news coverage

Sarge said...

Sarge is with you! Superbowl Sunday Hooters here in Evansville had two girls busting ass taking call in orders for wings - they went through FORTY cases of wings!
I forget the number of wings per case - But, you know that is a lot!
Not a single tip. I believe that to go orders should have a 15% tip added on.
As to the thumper - Go eat at your friggin church...


Ted McLaughlin said...

I agree with your sentiment, but feel you should know this idiot was a female pastor.

Farnsworth68 said...

I stand corrected. But it makes sense that it would be woman after all. Women can be really bitchy to other women, especially when god is on their side.
I hope she loses her frock and her frock and has to wait tables some day. If that happens and I find out about it, I will make a special trip to sit at her table, be obnoxious and demanding (wait staff, you know the type) and stiff her big time on the tip.
--The F Man