Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More on Ted Nugent

I had "other priorities", so I didn't get to watch the SOTU or the two(!) Rethug responses last night. Nor did I get to watch Ted Nugent's confused and verbally spastic interview, but it is covered here.

What an odd choice for a prom date. That's all that I can say. Doesn't the Republican Party even care that they are putting an evident psychopath front and center to be their spokesman, unofficial though they may think he is?

When asked what it was like sitting in the chamber alongside victims of gun violence, Nugent launched into a confusing rant about “engineered recidivism” and the mental health system.
“Our mental health system has failed so thoroughly that people who have threatened lives and conduct themselves in dangerous abhorrent behavior,” he said. “And have been alerted, the officials have been alerted by co-workers, fellow students, mothers and fathers of these mass murderers.”
He took on the president too, criticizing his “predicable, flowery, feel good, save the children, end world hunger insanity.”
“And then I see him either do nothing, or do the opposite,” he said. “I feel horrible that we’re going after my guns, instead of stopping crime and dangerous behavior.”
When challenged by NBC news reporter Luke Russert over comments he made last year, comparing Democrats like Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton to coyotes who deserve to be shot, Nugent became agitated, cursing at Russert and calling him a liar in vulgar terms.
When Russert pressed him to explain what he said, Nugent repeatedly claimed he “never said that,” even though he can be seen on camera comparing those Democrats to coyotes who deserve to be shot and have their heads chopped off.
So, Teddy, when exactly did the president say he was going after your guns? It ought to be pretty easy to come up with a citation for that.

Nugent also said that he didn't stand in support of the troops, whining that his knees hurt and he was forgoing a double knee replacement apparently scheduled for that day -- what a coincidence -- to be at the speech.

Yeah, uh huh... Fuck you, Ted Nugent, you fucking draft-dodging fascist moron.


evodevo said...

Somebody on another blog linked (can't find it now) to Ted's description of how he beat the draft when his number came up (shitting in his pants, acting crazy, etc.). What a douchebag.

Farnsworth68 said...

I found that picture and posted it. Thanks.
--The F Man