Thursday, August 09, 2007

Who Was Lavena Lynn Johnson and Why Should You Care?

While Pat Tillman's obvious murder and its subsequent coverup has been all over the news -- after all, he was a celebrity before he joined the Army -- many other crimes against service members have been more or less ignored by the media. Crimes such as the rape of female soldiers in Iraq, which became so commonplace that many women refused to use the latrine after dark, and consequently came home with bladder and kidney disorders, some of them severe.

But it's not just rape. It's also murder, and one horrendous example has come to my attention recently.

PFC Lavena Lynn Johnson was murdered in Iraq over two years ago, and the coverup has beenboth more brazen and far worse than the Tillman coverup. For example, the allegedly right-handed Johnson managed to shoot herself in the left side of her head, a straight-on head wound, using her left hand both to balance her M16 and pull the trigger.

Hmmm, nothing more to see here; move along...

Over at Mirror on America, the Angry Independent has a series of posts on the incident and the coverup.

BTW, don't bother searching the MSM for this story. You won't find it.

But there's also a Lavena Johnson Blog where you can sign a petition to the congressional Armed Services Committees demanding that they investigate the death of PFC Johnson.

Oh, and did I mention that Lavena Johnson was black? Making more sense now why the MSM/SCLM isn't covering it?


moderate said...

not making excuses for those involved...but you know there will be more of this and worse in the future...just can't keep using people over and over and over again...

Anonymous said...

Hi One Pissed Off Veteran,

My name is Tyree Sampson and I am a Iraqi Freedom Veteran. I just read the story on and it seems that there are more than just her. I was stationed at Ft Hood Tx where the deaths of eight women are still unresolved, this was stated in PFC Johnson's article. I also did my tour of duty at Camp Taji Iraq where these murders took place. I remember being told about one death from my NCO's where they found her on a tank trail strangled to death then ran over. I think these deaths happened during my rotation to Iraq. If you would like to e-mail me here is my address. It is I look foward to hearding from you