Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Ghost of Vietnam

Der Monkey Fuehrer stated before the full crowd at the annual VFW convention in Kansas City that we should learn the lessons of past conflicts -- including the Vietnam War -- and apply them to the current "War on Terratm".

Big talk from someone who just couldn't be bothered by going into the service himself back when he had the chance, and who essentially went AWOL -- no, deserted -- when he did manage to use Poppy's influence to get him into the Texas Air National Guard. How dare he? How fucking dare he?

Yeah, I think we ought to take the real lessons of Vietnam to heart: We got into a war that we had no business being in and we were fighting the wrong enemy at the wrong time in the wrong place.

That's the lesson to be learned from Vietnam. That and the fact that we killed something over two million Vietnamese during our ten-year adventure in their country, and the fact that after we left, the number of Vietnamese killed dropped precipitously. Yes, there were retributions and boat people and "re-education" camps, as happens after the end of most wars, but no one can prove that the Vietnamese people were better off while we were there than they were after we left. And don't forget that the last US ground forces were out of the country a long time before the war ended.

But you still have revisionist historians and war-loving dilettantes claiming that we would have "won" in Vietnam but were stabbed in the back by the media and the college students on the various campuses that were in flames in the US. As I've said before, that's sounds a lot like what went on in Germany in the Weimar Republic after WWI: The Nazis gained their power and influence by convincing the volk that the war was lost by the treacherous Jews and godless Communists back home while the flower of German manhood was laid waste in the trenches of the Western Front.

Jesus, am I the only one who can see these parallels?

And why can't the VFW and the American Legion (next point on the Baby Doc tour) see it themselves? Why are they willing to swallow this shit from a draft-dodging National Guard deserter?


Anonymous said...

Farnsworth, these are people who actually believe that virgins can get knocked up and still be a virgin. They never met a war they didn't like. Just wave the flag and say "support our boys, hyuk! hyuk! hyuk!" and out come the yellow ribbons and the votes for the Republifux.

Blue Kansas

betmo said...

yeah, i don't know what to tell ya- it boggles my mind too. especially since an overabundance of proof has actually come to light. some people don't want to see. i wish sometimes i didn't.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Jesus, am I the only one who can see these parallels?
Nope. The sad, bitter irony doesn't go down well here, either.

Anonymous said...

Bitter, or sweet?

Tis the day that change has prevailed. Even shruby has decided we can't win the illegal invasion of Iraq. Of course he probably had this exit strategy planed all along.

Lesson from Nam?

They will rebuild themselves into a major power.

Pat said...

Some good minds in the local VFW here but most of
the "administration" at the "club" are right wing religious zealots, that are praying for "der Monkey Fuehrer".
Express an opinion and they will simply walk away from you. Idiots!

Peace Vet said...

I don't understand how those who fought in the same BS war I did can say we should not have quit.

How many more names on the Wall?
How many more SE Asian coffins should have been made in our names so those guys could proclaim "we won"?

Lets add the suicides the dying a year later from wounds received to the Wall.

How about the brothers who have died from drug and alcohol abuse?

So lets double the names. 116,000 isn't enough?

"We should never have left"?

No my brothers, we never should have gone.