Friday, August 31, 2007

Even More Rethug Hypocrisy

Jeez, I kinda feel sorry for the guy. You know who I mean, Senator Tappy McWidestance, aka Larry Craig (R-Hypocrite). Here is a deeply-closeted gay guy who had the sad misfortune of aligning himself with the wrong political party, and has had to live a life of secrecy ever since, even to the point of having to marry a woman to throw off the scent of gay-ness.

But ultimately his own self-loathing and the profound emotional wreckage from hiding his true colors were the cause of his self-outing -- I mean, gay sex in a public airport bathroom. Really.

That seems to be the problem with a lot of these closeted gay Rethugs -- they managed to get themselves ensconced in a political party that hates them and hates their "gay lifestyle" (whatever the fuck that is).

On the other hand, they knew what the Rethugs stood for when they joined the party. And if they had not only been deep in the closet, but also hiding under a rock while they were there, they had to know immediately that their new buddies hated them. Not them personally, of course, since they didn't really know the real them, but nevertheless...

In short, when you guys first joined the Rethug party, "What the fuck were you thinking????"

And the hue and cry went out over all the land from the Family Values and Sanctity of Marriage crowd calling for Craig to resign his senate seat.

It's probably presumptious for me to ask this question now, but where in the hell was all the self-righteous indignation, the heated furor, the shrill calls for resignation, the lynch mob mentality, just a few short months ago when another senator, one David Vitter of Louisiana, got caught with his own pants down, so to speak, committing adultery against his wife, with a female prostitute?

Nowhere, that's where.

And why is that? First, Vitter at least had the good sense to commit his own extra-marital sexual misadventures with a member of the opposite sex. Second, if Vitter would have resigned, the Democratic governor of Louisiana would have no doubt appointed a Democrat senatorial replacement. Not so in the now Not-So-Private Idaho, where word on the street has it the Rethug governor has already decided on a Rethug replacement for Tappy.

And all of this from the party of so-called Christian values.

Jesus wept.


Anonymous said...

Larry is NOT Gay! Sheesh. As a married guy, he must be Bi...

Elizabeth Green said...

Where are the girls these days?