Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The "Other" Casualties

They are the ones that don't show up in any official tally of the victims of this stupid war. They are not among the 3679 dead Americans that make up the usual casualty statistics.

But they are victims and casualties nonetheless.

They are the ones who came home suffering from untreated PTSD, to an uncaring government and a VA health care system that is underfunded, understaffed and politicized for the furtherance ot the aims of the Bush Maladministration.

They are the ones who couldn't take it any longer and killed themselves. And, as was true for the Vietnam War, they are dismissed and vilified as being somehow not sane enough(!) in the first place to go to a foreign country and kill people for The Empire without feeling regret.

The warriors are being blamed instead of the system that crushes them in its iron fist.

Amy Goodman has a column on one of these hidden casualties of the War on Terra, U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Jeffrey Lucey.

It's worth the read, even if it will simultaneously sadden you and piss you off.

Especially if it will piss you off.

Bring the troops home. Now.