Monday, August 27, 2007

Gonzo Gone -- Hooray!

You really can't blame the fucker. He has not been the kind of standup guy the nation's chief law enforcment officer should be and he's been under constant attack on all sides except by his masters in the White House; he's also the one who authorized torture, calling the Geneva Conventions "quaint", injected base political partisanship into the DOJ, committed perjury before Congress...well, the list goes on and on.

But in several ways it's too bad that he decided, after steadfastly refusing to even countenance the idea for months, to Cut and Run.

It means that, most likely, he's hoping to dodge all those pesky subpoenas from Congress and avoid the sure conviction for perjury that would result if he stuck around.

Plus it'll make the Dems relax a bit. And if they relax, it will tend to make them lose the edge they've been honing for many months. Which means it'll make Baby Doc more secure against impeachment.

Unless the Dems continue to hold Gonzo's feet to the fire and make him man-up on the illegal shit he's pulled. I think they ought to drag his bespectacled ass back before as many congressional hearings as possible and force him to give up his bosses or go to jail.

I know, it's a pipe dream. Baby Doc would just pardon his sorry ass and send him back to Texas anyway.

But it's going to be interesting to see who The Giggling Murder Monkey tries to put up for AG. It'll be another political crony for sure (I heard Chertoff's name being bandied about earlier today), since anyone with a speck of integrity who becomes AG will start firing his artillery at the corruption in the Offal Office. But a crony will have to run the gantlet of the Dems, who, if they grow some balls, will stop the nomination of every BFEE lackey who is put up.

Here's hoping, and don't forget to contact your congress if it's someone you don't want to be AG. They do listen if enough people contact them.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Unless the Dems continue to hold Gonzo's feet to the fire and make him man-up on the illegal shit he's pulled.

I'm afraid I'll fly naked without an airplane over D.C. before that happens. It won't be politically expedient, don't you know!

who, if they grow some balls,
Will that be just after my flight over D.C., or just before the DEA helps me harvest my crop of happy weed, and congratulates me on a job well done?:)

Anonymous said...

The Washington State Labor Council voted to impeach Bush/dick