Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Election Drumbeat Update

How many times have you heard this: "I'd vote for _______ but he has no chance of winning"? I proudly voted for John Anderson in 1980, despite the fact that people said that very thing.

And after Saint Ronald spent eight long years fucking up everything that the progressive movement had fought for since the Great Depression, a lot of people were regretting their votes.

I believe that if everyone who said that about Anderson had actually voted for him, he would have won the presidency.

Now we have the same thing with Dennis Kucinich. I noted a few weeks ago that if you leave the names out, a huge margin of voters preferred the politics of Dennis Kucinich over all of the other candidates combined, when you talk just about the issues that mean something to Americans.

But still we hear that Kucinich "can't win". Instead, take a look at the field. The Dem frontrunner is also a candidate that can't win.

Yes, I'm talking about Her Highness herself, Lady Hillary Clinton.

And here's why she can't win: She goes into the race with a 49% disapproval rating, just for starters. The entire race will be fought over something like 1.5% of "undecided" voters. Plus we'll be saddled with the storm surge of Rethug voters who probably would have stayed home but the for the fact that they will be able to cast their vote against her -- and by extension her husband, the devil incarnate, Slick Willy, whom they have never (and will never) forgive for "sullying" the office of the president.

So instead of following our own minds and supporting the candidate that most represents our values and our ethics, we will once again become sheep who can't think for ourselves and vote for another power-hungry corporatist who has moved to the right so fast she'd be up for a Silver in the Standing Side Jump.

Bullshit. Support the candidate who will support you and who will work for the ideals and values and ethics that you support.

And that would be Dennis Kucinich.


HopeSpringsATurtle said...

I agree with you POV. I'm a service-connected disabled vet also and I'm voting for Kucinich too.

jae said...

Den or Ron.....