Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Yeah, Here's Another Surprise: Domestic Spying Rears its Ugly Head

Back in the 70s, everyone knew that the Nixon Administration was engaged in domestic spying. Everyone was appalled by it. I knew people who had gotten swept up in the paranoia of the times, and a cousin of mine actually made it onto the now-infamous "enemies list".

Something else that we knew coming out of that long nightmare was that in a democratic republic such as ours, domestic spying on peace activists, anti-war protesters, etc., who are no threat to the common good is not tolerated.

At least not until now. Last night's NBC News had a story on a Pentagon database showing several domestic peace groups were the subject of surveillance, including a Lake Worth FL group meeting at a Friends Society Meeting House.

So it's come full circle, and we're back to the dark old days of the Nixon years. Well, if that's what the Repugs want, I say -- in the words of their pantywaist fuhrer, "Bring it on!"

Don't they remember how the Nixon nightmare ended, with the presidency in tatters and their own fuhrer resigning in shame?

So let's keep the historical parallels going for just a little longer. Just long enough to impeach the lying crooked bastards.

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trammadoll said...

I don't think the spying was ever stopped in the first place. They just made us all think that they stopped.