Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Death of the Triple X

Once again what was originally a good idea has been trampled into the dirt by the Falwellista morons, members of something called Concerned Women for America, apparently a group of religious-fanatic women who know absolutely nothing about the Internet and the way the web works, but who nonetheless are capable of writing over 6,000 cut-and-paste form letters to ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, to prevent them from establishing a new doman, ".xxx", for the exclusive use of pornographers.

The idiots over at CWA evidently feel that this is a bad idea, establishing a domain solely for the use of pornogaphy. Why isn't exactly clear, but they've obviously scored a victory with ICANN. It's beyond me why these people would agitate for something on the web that they would never tolerate in the real world. The only people this ruling benefits are the pornographers themselves, who I am sure were not in favor of being relegated to a triple-x ghetto. Had the proposed new domain been approved, it would have been a simple matter for parents to "screen out" all access to any triple-x domain. But no, that's not good enough for the little-old-lady bluenoses over at CWA.

Now the Law of Unintended Consequences comes into effect. What would have been a neat and tidy way of establishing cyber "Red Zones" on the Internet has been cast aside, and, to continue the "real world" examples, you will have X-Rated movie theaters moving in next door to churches and grade schools. Is that such a great idea?

As with so many of the lame-assed half-baked ideas trotted out by the religious right, it kinda makes you wonder what their real intent was.

And me? It makes me want to shake them by the shoulders and scream "What the fuck were you thinking???!!!" into their vapid cowlike faces.


Fourth pew, center said...

Hon, how can you ask them what they were thinking when they obviously don't know how to think?

DrainBamage said...

Thanks, I totally missed this news event. As an IT pro. let me tell you it would be nice to have .XXX it would make blocking sites very easy. Just block everything in XXX... But as 4th states they don't know how to think...
Just block .XXX and make all other porn illegal, but of course the spamers, hackers, phishers and all the other scum on the Internet would have a rough time infecting our computers!

Thank the DEVIL for the Christians not thinking about anything past their noses again! As if not having an XXX will make all the corruption evil hacking bastards of the Internet go away.

Thanks again for waking me up and raising my blood pressure, can doctors prescribe your blog instead of meds?