Thursday, December 15, 2005

Torture: It's Not Just for Enemy Non-combatants Any More

There's an absolutely harrowing piece by Debra Davies of the Information Clearing House, posted over on Jack's Straight Speak.

Titled Torture Inc.: America's Brutal Prisons, the story is an exposé of the inhumane treatment that goes on right here in the good ole USA.

This doesn't really come as news to anyone whose ever known someone -- or who has been there themselves or has had a family member incarcerated -- living as a "guest" of the Department of Corrections, but it ought to be mandatory reading for everyone else, especially you assholes on the right who strut around chattering shit like "prison's nothing but a country club for felons" and "they have their own cell keys" and "they get to watch HBO all the time" and so on.

Sorry, folks, but prison is not a vacation -- the horror stories related here are all too common.

Too bad there's not a Geneva Convention covering domestic imprisonment and torture. But I guess that wouldn't make much of a difference, since we'd ingore it as well.

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