Monday, December 12, 2005

Prussian Blue: Racism is Alive and Thriving

Coming of age in America in the early 60s, I supported both the NAACP and SNCC; not only did I have an enormous amount of respect for Martin Luther King, but I also applauded the fiery rhetoric of Malcolm X.

Back when I was young and stupid (unlike now, when I am old and stupid) I foolishly believed that true racism existed only among those who were many years older than me, and I thought that if we could just wait them out, and the day the last of those old fuckers died off would signal the end of racism.

What a fucking moron I was.

And nothing drives that point home better than the egregiously racist tunesmithing of Prussian Blue, a singing duo consisting of twin Aryans, 13-year-old Lamb and Lynx Gaede, a couple of Bakersfield admirers of Adolph Hitler, whose songs glorify the dominance of the so-called white race over all others and who play video games in which they vicariously kill black people.

You can Google the vicious duo, but The Black Commentator has the best take on the evil twins and their compliant friends in the media, especially those with Time, Inc.

This is a must-read.