Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Planespotters: The Scourge of the CIA

Okay, I'll have to admit up front, I'd never even heard of "planespotting", but it doesn't surprise me that it exists. Nor that it apparently first cropped up in the UK, where "trainspotting" was born.

Like its cousin, trainspotting, planespotting consists of documenting the sighting of airplanes, observing landings and takeoffs, & recording their registration numbers; they also take photographs of the planes. And also like trainspotting, it's an obsessively fervent hobby to its adherents.

Unfortunately for the American fascists busily engaged in offshoring prisoners to foreign gulags for torture, those obsessive-compulsive hobbyists have documented a number of flights that were supposed to be "off the books".

It took a lot of hard work and a lot of sifting through mind-numbingly boring data to do it, so those intrepid souls who dug out the connections are to be congratulated.

Read the full story on the UK Guardian website.


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Oops. Guess they better work on a way of sneaking prisoners into other countries using tunnels or something.