Monday, December 19, 2005

"If a Coke Dealer Has Your ID, it Doesn't Look So Good"

In an exposé in Radar, we learn that a prominent downtown DC coke dealer has made a videotape in which he brandishes Jenna Bush's UT-Austin ID card and implies that the two of them had more than just drinks at the notorious Happy Ending bar in Chinatown.

And not only does he brandish it, we learn from the anonymous source that he actually holds it up close enough to the camera so that the presidential liability-in-chief can be readily identified.

Okay, so it's not a smoking gun and fake IDs are as common as tornadoes in trailer courts, but as anyone knows who has read this blog since the very beginning (the very first post, in fact), I'm not a huge fan of the slackerbabe Bush twins, and given Jenna's predilections for hard-charging partying down, is it really so unbelievable that she'd be "hanging out" with this guy?

Or maybe Words Have Power called it right when he said that she was just doing some community service work, helping to clean up bars and coke dealers…

Oh, and that quote in the headline? It's from Radar's unnamed but evidently knowledgeable source, and it's one you can't argue with.

In the meantime, this story has legs sufficient that the Secret Service is looking into it. We'll keep an eye on it ourselves and report out if we learn anything of substance.