Friday, February 01, 2008

WTF??? mAnn Coulter Will Vote for...Hillary???

Just when you don't think it can get any weirder, here's Moron-American crossdresser mAnn Coulter saying she'll vote for Shrillary before she'll vote for McCain!


We know the far right is upset with McCain as nominee but this is really going too far: Ann Coulter asserting on Fox News that if he gets the nomination she would not only "vote for" Hillary, she would "campaign for her if it's McCain." She told Sean Hannity last night that Clinton "is more conservative than he is" and added that in that scenario "she will be our girl." As president, Hillary would be "stronger in the war on terrorism" and would not pull the troops out of Iraq -- she jumped to her feet at the State of Union speech when Bush said the surge was working. Hannity countered: "McCain did support the war." She pointedout: "So did Hillary."
Jesus, I know politics can make strange bedfellows, but ... no, wait. I don't need that image in my mind's eye.



Anonymous said...

She is supporting the Bush/Clinton Family empire...

Anonymous said...

Come on, whats not to like about a couple of glamorous post-menopausal ladies enjoying each other's company in a very special way?