Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Coming to the Trough

An economic stimulus package failed to get the requisite 60 votes to stay alive in the US Senate today. And you want to know the reason why?

Well, according to rightwing asshole and US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, " the Senate the bazaar is open, the special interests are coming to the trough."

Special interests. God how we hate them. You know, us greedy porkers who are living on Social Security and VA Disability checks and who are too fucking lazy to work and would rather lie back on our couches, watching our color tvs and sucking up the Federal dollars.

Does anyone need any more evidence that the Rethugs are the party of unenlightened selfish-interest who couldn't give a shit less about those of us out here in the real world who might have actually had a real-world-use for that paltry few hundred bucks?

Fuck them. Vote Democratic this fall and send those motherfucking greedy-assed cocksuckers back to whatever rock they crawled out from under.

Yeah, I really mean it.


jae said...

"Yeah, I really mean it."

Well I've no reason to doubt that.

When we went to vote yesterday, our local polling office had different color polling tickets for each 'party' : blue for republicans and pink for democrats. I had decided my vote and advised my husbands vote (he knows I pay waaaaaay too much attention to this stuff) to be for Ron Paul now that Edwards went belly up on us, so we went into the situation knowing what our choices would be. My husband looked up his voting tag first and was instructed to sign REP in his affiliation before being given his blue ticket. As I looked up my voting tag, thankfully blank or I would not have voted otherwise, I commented "OH LOOK, THERE ARE SYMBOLIC COLORS FOR EACH PARTY! HOW SURPRISING THAT THE DEMOCRATS TICKET IS PINK!!! PERFECTLY SUITABLE FOR THE WAY THEY'VE HANDELED THEIR POWER SINCE THE DAY THEY'VE GAINED THE MAJORITY!"
Well don't you know, one of the elderly ladies who are kind enough to commit their time to this fiasco burst out laughing.
By the time we left, we had the entire polling station cracking jokes and laughing along. It's only appropriate considering this ridculousness called VOTING is such a joke.

Pink ass mutha-effing 'Democrats'. I am not feeling that great that I have a REP next to my name in the local voting files (Oh, I made sure to draw a 'sad' face) but, holy hell....a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Now....I only wish I was confident the count was accurate.

Anonymous said...

I notice McCain couldn't be bothered to return to WDC to vote on the stimulus package either way.

I know why.

Vote YES to including veterans' with disabilities and he'd be seen as siding with us DEMS. (Oh, the horror...)

Vote NO like a good RETHUG and he'd appear to be against the veterans. (Oh, the horror...)

I guess he just didn't know which ass to stick his head up this time.


Anonymous said...

Better to be pissed off then pissed on: Don't want any handouts from the govt. Trust me i know that we all could use it, but have to pay taxes on it in 08 so what the hell. I don't have 10 kids running around the house or 3 mortages to pay on, so don't get anything back anyways. Well lets see who do we vote for? The big "O" needs to go back to the block and smoke some shit and maybe he'll clear his head. The only other guy that is more of a lib is fat Teddy. Then we have the big "H", shit what to say, her and Bill should jump on there fairy boat and head south. Ya i'm a Dem and a retired vet, got my problems too, the same as everybody else, but i vote for the person not the party. So lets see, who do we have left, the big "R" who likes to buy up Co's, suck them dry then close them down and kick the people out of work and flips more than flap jacks. Got the Huck who wants to give every border jumper's kids free college tuition. Hell, my kids had to pay for theirs. Well i guess that leaves McCain: not perfict, that's for sure, but at least he sticks with what he says, be it right or wrong, and as far as the vets slaming him with a bunch of four letter shit, he's payed his dues right along with the rest of us, so this retired vet is voting for McCain. Last time i went with Kerry and the dog turned around and bit me in the ass and now he's pushing the big "O" or is he going to flip and go for the sweet "H", shit who knows. Hell does it matter, but I do vote, that way, at least I can bitch about it, either way. Right now all I want is for whoever wins, just take care of the troops.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Stop dicking around and tell us how you really feel.

Farnsworth68 said...

BEJ -- Someone who is willing to keep our troops in Iraq for 100 years is not, I think, a person with the best interests of veterans foremost in his thoughts.
I can see the attraction among veterans to vote for "one of our own", but I don't think McCain is the one to go with.
MVM -- Do you think I'm being too subtle? I'll have to work on that.
--The F Man

Farnsworth68 said...

Oh, and BEJ, go over to What Every Veteran Should Know in Order to Vote by fellow veteran Michael Baily to see how closely McCain's votes align with the interests of veterans.
For example, McCain supported the interests of the Disabled American Veterans ponly 20 percent in 2006.
There's a lot more, along with a comparison of the votes of the two Dem frontrunners, both of whom get grades much higher than McCain when it comes to their votes for veterans' issues.
It's very enlightening.

Anonymous said...

Uh Farns, I hate to burst your bubble but they weren't talking about disabled vets and low income people:
...Republican leaders objected to add-ons such as a $14.5 billion unemployment extension for those whose benefits have run out, $1 billion in heating aid for the poor and tax breaks for renewable energy producers and coal companies.

The measure builds upon a $161 billion House-passed bill providing $600-$1,200 checks to most taxpayers and tax breaks to businesses investing in new plants and equipment.

The Senate version would provide checks of $500-$1,000 to a broader group that includes 20 million elderly people, 250,000 disabled veterans and taxpayers making up to $150,000 for singles - or $300,000 for couples.

It would extend unemployment benefits for an additional 13 weeks for those whose benefits have run out, with 13 more weeks available in states with the highest jobless rates. The bill also includes $10 billion in tax-free mortgage revenue bonds to help homeowners refinance subprime loans.

Reid denied Republicans an opportunity to offer changes to the measure, provoking the filibuster. The calculus was that enough Republicans would relent in the face of political pressure to support unemployment insurance and heating aid to join Democrats and force the measure through.

GOP leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said he wants to amend the measure to add rebates for disabled veterans and their widows and the elderly, and language - also included in the Democrats' package

making clear that illegal immigrants can't get rebate checks.

Reid rejected the offer - at least for the time being - but Republicans seemed confident he would eventually agree to comparable changes since the alternative would be to approve the House bill and leave retirees living on Social Security and disabled veterans without rebate checks.

Anonymous said...

Farnsworth68 said...

Okay, maybe I was a little ... confused ... about the nature of the objections. Maybe.
But your statement that they weren't talking about low-income people? Not so, since the fight included Rethug opposition to a $14.5 billion unemployment extension for those whose benefits have run out and $1 billion in heating aid for the poor.
But no, I guess they aren't "low income" enough.

Farnsworth68 said...

Oh, and PH: Here's a working link to your CBS post.
You might try educating yourself on using the Internets and learn some basic HTML.

Anonymous said...

Hay Farns, thanks for the HTML link. I will use it.

And a "Rethug" perspective on the "Rebate". Personally, I don't really mind giving it to the poor but... this bill is supposed to be helping the economy. This isn't a lets throw money to the needy. Guess where the money for the heating aid would go... directly to the utilities... I know, I work for one of them. No one wants to buy the Detroit Edison company because about 10% of the people in Detroit don't pay their heating or electricity bills and by law, we can't turn off their power in the winter, so they just run up their bills and then move.

This also wasn't an unemployment package it's a stimulas package. It wasn't made to pay rent, it was so we would go out and buy fridges and other items.

And don't call it a rebate if you're going to be giving money to people who didn't put anything in. Hey Farns, you're getting $1,200 rebate back from the microwave manufacture... What, you didn't buy a microwave and yet you're getting a "rebate"? It would be a "rebate" if only those of us who actually put money into the system got some back. I put over $25,000.00 of MY money into the tax system. Why should you get the money that I put in?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and a thing about unemployment... I know that a lot of people need it but I also know people who scam it.

I work at a nuclear power plant. We use a lot of contractors especially during outages. They will work for 6-8 weeks during the outage and then they are laid off. They will go home collect unemployment for 6 weeks and then go to the next nuclear plant, work the 6-8 weeks to get their eligibility back and then go on unemployment. They do this year round. Most of them I talk to brag about how they only have to work 6 months a year.

Farnsworth68 said...

So giving money to the poor won't help the economy? What are they going to do with it, put it into an offshore account?
In case you forgot, we live in a capitalist economy that is based on spending. The poor will be much more likely to spend that money. And that means...OMG, it will help the economy!!!
And, if I catch your drift, paying the heating bills for those who can't afford them is bad because ... because ... they don't pay their bills already?
I used to be an unemployment claims fraud investigator, so I do have some expertise in the area, and I can tell you that the incidence of true fraud and abuse is very small when compared to the vast number of people on unemployment who play by the rules and are eligible to collect. Besides, unemployment insurance is not an entitlement program and is not based on need.

Anonymous said...

"And, if I catch your drift, paying the heating bills for those who can't afford them is bad because ... because ... they don't pay their bills already?"

No, if you go back and read what I said... that the money will go directly to the utility.

How does that stimulate the economy?

Farnsworth68 said...

I guess you are presuming that the only people who will get the subsidy are those who are not paying already.
I really don't know where you get these ideas.
Without having researched the actual details, I would be willing to bet that a much larger number would be eligible, including those who must make a decision every month as to where to spend their scarce resources. It's a tough decision, pay your heating bill or buy food. These are the people who still play by the rules, even though the game is stacked against them.
If they got their heating bills subsidized, then that would free up more money to spend on "stuff".
Don't you agree that this would help the economy?

Anonymous said...

Rebate, bah!

BTW Poor class starts at those of us who make less than $100,000 a year. You may be in the middle or upper poor class but you are most likely in it. Rich are those 5% of the world who own 60%+ of the worlds wealth. Middle class falls in between.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but how is it my fault that people who decide to have three or four kids while working at Wal-Mart or K-Mart have budget problems? Why should the government have to finance poor planning and decisions on their part?

Like I said before, I have absolutely no problem if someone loses their job to support them for a while until they get a new one. Or if someone becomes disabled... or even the elderly. On the other hand, someone wants to quit school, become a baby factory and live off the government, I do have a problem with that. Not that I have even a clue what to do about it, it's just the principle that rubs me the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Oh Farns... If people are struggling so much, why is it that during our outages, we have to hire Mexican Nationals (legally cleared by the FBI) working as deconners. The pay is only around $25/hr (with per diem), they work 72 hours/week with time and a half over 40 hours.

Of course, urinalysis is required prior to getting the job. Maybe that's why we have such a hard time hiring the "underclass".

Farnsworth68 said...

There you go again.
The topic here was the so-called economic stimulus package, not whether the some of the intended recipients were "deserving" of it.
As much as I'm gonna enjoy getting it (and giving it to Democratic Party for this fall's elections), I personally think it's a pretty stupid idea as an ecomic stimulus. It's a one-time influx of cash that will be used, mostly, to purchase items out of retailers' current stock, but it will not have a longterm effect because it does not create a continuing demand. And it is demand that creates jobs, builds new factories, etc.
Of course demand also creates inflation. It's far from a perfect system, but it's the one we have. And you don't live under the economic system you'd like to have, you live under the one you've got.