Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Public School Bible Class and the Ten Commandments Fable

Over at Talk to Action (a site with which I am so impressed that it now appears in my links list), Bruce Wilson has reprinted a fable about a young man in Germany who starts out attending a school with the Ten Commandments hanging on the wall.

Johan Lehrer, the "hero" of the story, lives a life wherein he always strives to do the right thing. However, in the course of that life, he also ends up violating each and every one of the Big Ten. Read his sad tale, and then tell me if you want this fable being taught in your public school "Bible class".

This is brilliant satire; as one of the commenters on that page noted, it is right up there with Voltaire's Candide, with its incisive bite into the soft underbelly of "religious" society.

It's well worth the read, even if Bruce Wilson still seems to be a little taken aback by it.