Saturday, February 16, 2008

What Do You Really Know About the Separation of Church and State?

As with most things that have to do with this issue, most people think that they know everything, but since a lot of them have diametrically opposed ideas, they can't all be right.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has created a fun little online quiz, so you can see how your knowledge of this important issue stacks up against reality. Go ahead and take it, see where you fall on this critical area of knowledge.


Unknown said...
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billie said...

14 - 17: Congratulations! Better informed than most Americans

i don't know how i feel about that :)

Farnsworth68 said...

The cure: Read more, study more, and join AU!
I missed only two of them, the historical questions, and had I been paying just a little closer attention, I might have gotten them right as well.

libhom said...

FFRF does a lot of important work. I really admire them.

Anonymous said...

I got 14... sad I think, sad... I missed the one on God we trust.

I hear the stars are going into alignment for the next 12 year there is hope for change.