Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Myth of the Missing Weapons

It has become something of an article of faith among the apologists for the BFEE illegal Iraq invasion that Saddam Hussein refused to say whether he still had those weapons of mass destruction, and that he kicked the UN weapons inspectors out of his country.

The myth goes something like this: Saddam kept mum about the weapons in order to instigate a war with the United States. For what reason I can't possibly imagine, but there it is. And in order to hide the fact that he didn't have the weapons, he kicked out the inspectors. I know, that was a Scooby-Doo "hyunh?!" moment for me, too.

I don't how these things get started -- well, in this case, yes I do: They were lies told by the Baby Doc Maladminstration mouthpieces to the Moron-Americans watching such drivel as the State of the Union address, etc., in order to gin up support for a war that we had no business fighting.

So what was the truth? Well, let's turn it over to a couple of experts. Here's an excerpt from a Dan Rather CBS 60-Minutes interview with Saddam in February 2003:

It's pretty clear from that that Saddam is saying he doesn't have the weapons. But today CBS, that bastion of the liberal media, is still dancing to the BFEE tune. In January of this year, CBS reporter Scott Pelley asked the question: What happened to the weapons of mass destruction?

He also pressed the myth some more: "So why keep the secret? Why put your nation at risk? Why put your own life at risk to maintain this charade? ... As the U.S. marched toward war and we began massing troops on his border, why didn't he stop it then? How could he have wanted his country to be invaded?"

Jesus, this is some Through-the-Lookinglass stuff here, for sure. It's almost impossible for me to believe that some people are still clutching desperately to the myth of the weapons.

Oh, and those weapons inspectors that Saddam "kicked out" of Iraq? If they were, in fact, kicked out, why in the hell did Der Monkey Fuehrer order them to leave the country in early March of 2003?

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Anonymous said...

I had a friend who flew apache helicopters in Afghanistan tell me that they he was told by some of his officers that thw WMD were all shipped to Syria. That the MSM has chosen to ignore the story to make Bush look bad.Really. I didn't argue with him as he had signed up and served and I am sitting back here safe and sound. But, it made me wonder how many others think that is the truth.