Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What's Going on Here?

Now that I've had a few days away from the fray and I've had some time to relax and reflect, it suddenly dawns on me that something isn't quite right with this whole election.

Two years ago I had the sneaking feeling that Kerry and the top Dems had thrown the 2004 election.

Now I'm getting the same feeling about the Rethugs. This whole thing with Rummy leaving the very next day seems very odd to me, and even odder is that lame Baby Doc excuse that he didn't want to inject the Iraq War into the political process.

Say what?

Okay, so you couple that with the amount of money that the Rethug party poured into Lieberman's coffers -- at the expense of their own candidate, and you end up with what could be seen as an intentional attempt to give it up to the Dems.

So what do these fuckers know that we don't know?


Anonymous said...

The most obvious thing I can think of, I make no claim to knowledge in this area, is that when the fallout from their policies [first up: housing bubble, many to follow] really starts to hit the fan it'll be the dems in power so obviously its the dems' fault that it happens.

jae said...

they know about another terist attack is my bet.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I don't know if Rummy's departure was really that strange, re timing, or not. Dubya's got diarrhea of the mouth, and paralysis of the ass; we know he's liable to say most anything at any moment.

I think perhaps the ass kicking they took was very unexpected in it's size, and Cheney used it to A)Shove some trash out the door, and B)Con the Dems into thinking the admin "had saw the light" and were willing to talk.

I DO agree with you, re throwing 2004, and this one. There was just too much strange shit in both, to be explained away in any rational manner. I haven't the faintest what the fix is; I just know I believe with all that is in me, that it's in.

JAE makes a good, if terrifying, point. The Religious Cultists may have even went so far as to arrange another attack before the elections, "just in case." I feel like my tinfoil hat should have been on before I wrote that, but with this bunch......(:

Anonymous said...

Mr Becks and I were just discussing this- right after the Dem controlled congress was a done deal. We both arrived at the thought that it was on purpose to pave the way for an '08 Whitehouse victory. Blame the Dems for all the shit and wait to take the WH and Congress. There's no way the Dems can even BEGIN to fix all that is wrong in 2 years- plus there is the VERY real threat of economic downturn in the VERY near future. Give up 2 years of Congressional control for another 4-8 years of Bush (you know Jeb is goin to have to move out of the gov's mansion soon and will be looking for a new address...)

Scared yet? You should be because you know these fuckers really really really really believe they BELONG in power and have proven themselves to be better long-range planners than the Dems(except when planning an occupation/exit strategy for an illegal war.)