Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jeez, Does it Get Any Better Than This?

I was already on Cloud Nine since last night when they called the House for the Dems. Today I learn that Rummy is gone.

Despite the fact that Baby Doc, as recently as Monday, was giving him one of his patented "heckuva-job" praises. Which, looking back (in retrospect), I should have picked up on: Whenever Baby Doc praises someone, it means that they are about to fall on their sword.

Now the icing on the cake will be when Montana and Virginia are finalized for the Dems, we have a clear majority in the Senate to go with the substantial majority in the House, and the subpoenas start flying.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to get a Democatic majority in the House, and especially to all the hard workers in Virginia who did so much to elect Jim Webb.

And this thanks goes extra-specially to my good friend Tom Keefe, who worked tirelessly night and day to elect Jim Webb. Way to go, buddy!

Postsvcript: Now, watch for the de-stalinization of Rummy; now that he's out, the BFEE will be blaming him for everything, from the failed Iraq policy to the disappearance of Judge Crater.

And to make matters worse, the word on the street has it that Cheney has asked Rummy to go hunting with him this weekend...


billie said...

if only we would get that lucky.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I too have been walking on clouds...until I thought of the 36 traitors dressed as Dems, who voted for Bush's immunity bill. Most, if not all, are still there.

Then there's that asswipe from Connecticut...(: BushCo didn't support him for on it!!

msliberty said...

Overall, I was thrilled with the results.

Granny said...

I'm happy too and now I keep hearing we've taken the Senate. Hope it's true.