Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Cheap Shot? Yeah, Maybe. So What?

Okay, maybe it was a cheap shot. But it was a good one nonetheless. An actual constituent of Virginia's George Allen (R-Macaca) named Michael Stark had the temerity to ask the blowhard senator at a campaign stop "Why did you spit on your first wife, George?" For his efforts, he was roughed up by several Allen bodyguards thugs supporters who grabbed him in a choke hold and wrestled him to the ground.

Okay, so it's a first cousin to "have you stopped beating your wife", and in the words of Allen's first wife, a "baseless cheap shot", but is anyone really willing to go to the mat on it being baseless? After all, Allen and wife number one, acting in collusion, petitioned to have the divorce records sealed.

And that, in itself, ought to raise some red flags with the media.

But leave it to the SCLM: They just waltzed on by -- "lah de dah, doo-de-dah, nothing more to see here" -- only to pounce on the dirty tricks campaign launched by the Allen camp when the publicized the allegedly salacious excerpts of several of Jim Webb's novels. (BTW, the wingnuts have got a lot of fucking nerve on that score--I don't see them publicizing any of that steamy girl-on-girl sex from Lynn Cheney's Lesbian Love Sisters stories).

Anyway, back to Mike Stark. He is a resident of Virginia and he had a right to ask his senator a question; Allen's thugs went way overboard in their overreaction to the question. After all, at this point in the campaign Allen ought to be prepared for anything.

But it just goes to show you: The Rethugs can dish it out but they sure can't take it.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

He was on Olbermann tonight. I expected "I'm gonna sue their asses off....". I heard nothing of the sort. In fact, he said the Allen camp "Was investigating pursuing charges against him." For what? Asking questions while living in Virginia??

Anonymous said...

At least you show some shame and don't totally make Stark out to be a hero/victim. Still your take is totally bogus.

The DNC & Webb have been using bloggers and volunteers to dog Allen the whole campaign. Jabbing & baiting to get reaction and a phony scandal. Why? Because the Democrats stand for nothing that Virginians will support.

Note that when Allen screwed up and fell to mimicking Democrat tactics with the novel passages it backfired on him. Conservatives don't like off-topic mud slinging. We want hard hitting truth. We're looking to smack you assholes in the face not clock you from behind.

As for Stark. He should be tackled and subdued anytime he shows his mug.

I love how you anti-american bastards make a big deal of him being a Marine. Big deal. There's a few million of them. Just like you, there's a rotten apple or two in every barrel.


Farnsworth68 said...

Little Richard, I am totally without shame. Like the rest of us over here on the left, I don't need it.
And I'd like to know when YOU were in the military. If you were (which I doubt), you swore an oath to uphold the constitution.
Part of that constitution includes a little concept we rotten apples over here on the anti-american terrorist-loving side like to call "free speech". And that includes being able to ask pointed questions of a public figure without being tackled by Brownshirt thugs.
It's funny how you claim you don't like mud-slinging, but then you turn right around and call me an asshole.
And you claim to want to smack me and the other assholes in the face, not from behind, but I see that you're conveniently hiding behind an anonymous post.
So, short answer: Piss off, little man.
I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.