Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Freedom is Slavery

In an actual speech before, of all things, something called the Loeb First Amendment Award Dinner in New Hampshire, our boy Newt Gingrich called for restrictions on ... free speech!

Not only that, but he also said that the concepts of the separation of church and state and campaign finance reform be "rethought"... Whatever that means.

He also wants to shut down various websites that he thinks enable the terrorists. Read the Keith Olbermann commentary on MSNBC and see for yourself what a slimy motherfucker Gingrich really is.

This is from a guy who was two heartbeats away from the presidency when he was Speaker of the House. A guy who still harbors presidential aspirations. And sadly he embodies a concept that is rampant in Rethug circles: If freedom is to be abused it must be taken away. Oh sure, they'll go to great pains to couch in it terms that the Moron-American voting bloc will swallow (fighting terrorism, thwarting child pornographers, etc etc), but bottom line the ruling class in this country has never been comfortable with the whole concept of democracy.

Keep an eye on them, because they are not going to just fold their tents and steal away in the dark. They are still with us and are girding their loins for another big fight. Let's be prepared to give it to them.


deuddersun said...

Good post. They will never go away. We cannot let our guard down again.


NetAgra said...

Greetings FW,

It's been a while... I need a place to tell a sad story. There's this friend who used to work at the VA. She up and quit recently. Quit outright with nothing else to go to. Said she couldn't take it. Couldn't take telling people over and over there was nothing she could do for them. She wanted to help but couldn't. There just wasn't enough resources.

People are starting to come back, FW. I'm running into them around town. One of 'em told me he wanted a normal job now that didn't involve killing...
Kindest regards.

Jeff (no, the other one) said...

We all should've known Newt would come back around -- what else would he do?

And I knew in the aftermath of this year's elections, the Repub. "bipartisan gesture" would amount to middle fingers, as usual.

Gotta give 'em points for tenacity...

Gunfighter said...

Well, now that they are really starting to piss off generations of veterans, they'd better be careful on how they proceed.

We all know how to use guns.

Coffee Messiah said...

He's a has been and knows it, but hopes a new generation won't look into the past ; (

My guess is their party are deaf & dumb, seeing as the recent election has given them no clue we're tired of the lot of em!!!

billie said...

let's give'em hell!!! Happy holidays dammit!!