Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bus Driver Fired for Flipping Bush the Bird

It happened last June when Baby Doc came to my home state to raise money from wealthy Repugnicans in the affluent suburban Seattle East Side. The motorcade went past some stopped school buses with waving children and one disgruntled bus driver, who just happened to register her displeasure with Fearless Leader in the time-honored one-finger salute.

From there the story get confused, but it appears that Washington's own Dave Reichert (R-Tattletale) snitched on the driver to the Issaquah school board and things spiraled out of control, to the point where the driver ended up getting fired for it.

The bus driver has filed suit for unlawful termination, but leaving aside all that "was it appropriate in front of the children" nonsense, I find it more than a little ironic that this bus driver was discharged for using a gesture that Baby Doc himself is famous for.

For example, see this video.

And there are more examples, if you care to seek them out.

Mind you, this is from a man who promised he would bring "dignity" back to the White House.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love freedom of expression