Sunday, November 13, 2005

You Can't Make This Stuff Up #344

Word has it from The Prince of Darkness himself, Bob Novak, that Baby Doc was angry at his staff for the arrangements at the Argentine summit last week.

Seems our petulant Boy-King didn't like staying up past his beddy-bye time to attend a dinner that started at 10 PM. Like any cranky two-year-old, Little Georgie picked at his food and then stomped off to bed, wearing his Doctor Dentons and carrying his molestation-victim teddy bear under his arm.

Jesus Christ, and this is the Leader of the Free World? This is what we get when we allow ourselves to be made fools of by a president who never left the country before he got to doin' that prezdintin' stuff (which, don't forget, is hard work). If he'd managed to take just one trip abroad, he'd discover that in much of the civilized world, meals are eaten much later than they are in the USA.

But I guess that was too much to expect. My only expectation now is that the little fucker won't get us all blown up when he launches one more reckless Rovian misadventure in another country (can you say "Iran"?) to take the focus off his failed administration and the heat that the Dems are going to bring to bear on the BFEE criminal conspiracy after next year's elections.