Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fucked Up Pharmacy

There were a couple of news stories this week that kind of flew under the radar, but which together bothered me in a profound way.

In the first, Target Stores -- a corporation which has been trying to portray itself in those bouncy ads as Wal-Mart with a soul -- has come out and said that their pharmacists do not have to dispense a birth control prescription if they don't feel like it (i.e., if it would offend their religious sensibilities).

In the second, an even more disturbing case, a 20-year-old rape victim called dozens of pharmacies in Tucson, AZ, looking for emergency contraception. When she finally found one, Fry's Pharmacy, the religious nutcase druggist refused to provide it to her on "religious and moral objections".

What the fuck is up with these people? Why in the hell did they go to pharmacy school in the first place? Why does Fry's even stock the fucking drug if they are going to refust to dispense it? Is it just to torture and victimize the raped woman even more? Because Jesus wants her to carry that rapist's child?

I'm sorry, if you can't do your job, then you need to find a new one. If you won't do your job, then your employer needs to fire you. It's that simple.

I will refuse to shop at Target until their policies change. I encourage everyone to do the same, and go to the Target website, click on Contact Us and let them know why you are not shopping there.


Anonymous said...

They do not allow you to send an email when you click on contact us. You get a search engine that does not find a result for COMPLAINT.

Love the Freedom of Target.

Kilgore Trout said...

Fuck Target, Fuck Wal-Mart.
How have the christian fundamentalist taken over the country? I am intriuged by the fact that these people claim to be trying to protect the morals of america, apparently helping rape victims is immoral, if thats the case then Ill be happy to burn in hell rather than go to heven with those sadistic fucks. hope everyone catches the irony in that statement.

Anonymous said...

VA sent email to counselors all over US for a limit of 6 to 8 visits per soldier. Can a soldier be healed in six to eight visits? NO they can't. Someone needs to get this out there.