Monday, November 28, 2005

One Down, Several Hundred to Go

It's the arrogance, really, more than anything else, that bothers me so fucking much about the Repugnican thugs that have swaggered in and taken over my country.

So it was with great, brimming, undisguised pleasure that I absorbed the news today about one of my favorite guys-you-love-to-hate, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, who pleaded guilty to various charges of bribery and corruption.

Like my good friend RJB over at Words Have Power has been saying for a long time, it was time for Duke to go.

But Duke, before you go, I gotta say, $2 million???!!! Don't you think that was just a little excessive?

Like I say, it's the arrogance. I almost feel sorry (not really) for the fucker, a guy just a little older than me, looking at a stiff prison term, resigning in disgrace from the US House, dragged into a courtroom in front of an "activist" judge... Well, you know the whole story by now.

See ya, Randy. And oh, by the way, if somebody asks you in the shower if that's your soap on the floor, deny it.


wkmaier said...

Some folks have said that he made a classy speech. I disagree. He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He broke the law. With that speech, he's just trying to avoid jail time. Only way I would accept NO jail time is if he gives up some more sleazebags.

Ferdzy said...

I'd like to say I thought $2 million "excessive". Unfortunately, I suspect it's pretty small potatoes in the larger scheme of things. Still, nice to see that this sort of thing is starting to make headlines...