Friday, November 18, 2005

House Democrat Calls for End to Iraq War

US Rep John Murtha (D-Penn), a retired Marine colonel and someone who is considered a hawk on defense issues, gave a stinging rebuke to the Busheviks yesterday when he called for a swift withdrawal of US forces from Iraq.

The coalition forces "have done all they can," Murtha said. "It's time for a change in direction." He also described our Iraq misadventure as a "flawed policy wrapped in an illusion".

Predictably, little Scotty McWeewee called for Murtha's head on a platter, saying it was "surrender" and compared Murtha to Michael Moore. Michael Moore???

And Speaker I'm-a-Fat-Moron Hastert (R-Idiot), not to be outdone, said this about Murtha and Nancy Pelosi: "They would prefer that the United States surrender to the terrorists who would harm innocent Americans."

CNN has the whole story. Can this be finally be the beginning of the end for our Iraq misadventure? Maybe, but so far, only two dozen Democrats and just three Repugs have signed on to measures or other calls for an end to the war.

It's our job to hold our own congressional reps accountable, hold their feet to the fire, and demand that they join the calls for withdrawal. I love a protest march as much as the next guy, and they do have their place in sending a message to the world and the American people, but the real action takes place in Congress.

The only way that the Vietnam War finally ended was that we, the people, demanded from our Congress an end to the war, and finally they voted to end the funding.

That's what we need now, so be sure to contact your own representative and demand that he or she join with John Murtha to end the war.


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Anonymous said...

Maybe when we write congress to stop funding the US terrorist action in IRAQ we should start calling it what it is. dubya's terrorist act against Iraq!

Wow for once CBS has me more pissed off than your blog! OMG THEY TOOK YOU AWAY... I wonder if you are in getmo or one of those CIA secret prisons. Who is really posting for Farnsworth now?

What about the $3,100 raise congress gave themselves Friday before the two week vacation they took before they decide how to make budget cuts on social spending? Reuters not an American paper had that little factoid!

Now that got me going... This one you are posting, I am gonna swill some beer over and celebrate, which I must say Farnsworth this would be the first time I left you page happy! I am still ROFL about the "speaker I'm-afat-moron HAstert (R-idiot)

Did the men in black show up for this guy or the guys with the nice white jacket? That is treason you know and to say it to the media... LOL

Oh, also heard the patriot act is not going to make it out of congress and the senate will not approve it! What a glorious day for freedom in America!!!