Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Execution Milestone Postponed

What was scheduled to be the United States' 1000th execution since the reinstatement of the death penalty and the Utah firing squad execution of Gary Gilmore in 1977 will not occur as planned today.

Instead, Virginia governor Mark Warner -- said to have presidential ambitions -- yesterday commuted the sentence of Robin Lovitt to life in prison without parole.

Leave it to the wingnuts to jump all over soft-on-crime Warner for this act of compassion. That's what they do best. They're the "pro-life" people you know. They're the ones who believe in promoting the "culture of life". I actually heard that fucking smarmy crypto-fascist wacko-waco-cultist Orrin Hatch (R-Polygamist) say one time that "the death penalty is how we demonstrate our respect for life". Jesus, talk about some Orwellian bullshit there!

But the big milestone is only postponed, not avoided. And postponed most like only a couple of days -- two more victims of this state-sponsored terrorism are scheduled to walk the green mile on Friday, one each in the two Carolinas.

BTW, Texas leads the pack in total numbers of executions at 355. That's 261 more than its nearest competitor, Virginia, and 276 more than number three, Oklahoma.

Jesus Christ, people. Simple math ought to tell you that the death penalty isn't a deterrent in Texas. And if it isn't a deterrent in Texas, then it sure as hell isn't a deterrent anywhere else.

Isn't it about time we ended this barbarous practice and got out of the business of killing people?

Oh, wait. I forgot where I am. This is the good ole USA, and that's what we do best.

We kill people.

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Anonymous said...

amazing how an atheist can trump the religious right on an extremely religious matter. BTW don't you think life in jail is the real punishment? You aren't being punished if you are dead. Guess you are back from the secret CIA prisons Farnsworth...